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Sunday, June 1

PX Poker Night: Conclusion

The agents were flown out to Offut Air Force base in Omaha, where they received excellent medical care.

Caprice was the only one not drugged up. When Sprague walked into the room, he wished he was.

Major Sprague was in full military dress. “Surprised to see me?” he asked with a deadly smirk.

Caprice didn’t say anything.

“That’s what I thought. Yeah, I’m part of Majestic-12 too. Longer than you’ve been in the club, that’s for sure. We think that the Greys fled because Agent Guppy here was carrying alien weapons technology in direct violation of the Accord—“

“Fled? We weren’t carrying any weapons! You took them away from us, remember?”

Sprague waved him off. “We were all affected by the SONNET testing. Who’s to say what happened? From here on out, its regulation arms only.”

“Wait…Majestic-12 tested that weapon on us?”

“We were an unfortunate casualty,” said Sprague. “The base was an area where Greys are active. Majestic-12 had to test the SONNET weapon as a safeguard if the Greys ever break the Accord.“ [MORE]


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