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Friday, June 13

Pyramid Article: The Thuggee

Introducing the Thuggee prestige class for 3.5 D&D:
Thuggee myth speaks of a monster in early times so huge that the deepest ocean could not cover it. It devoured humans as soon as they were created. Kali slew it with her sword, but each drop of blood the monster shed created a new demon. Kali continued to butcher the new demons, but growing weary, she paused to catch her breath. From the two drops of sweat that fell from her sprang two human beings. Giving them her handkerchief, she commanded the men to strangle the demons. After completing this mission they wished to return the handkerchief, but Kali bade them retain it and give it to their progeny to kill those not of their kind...[MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 3:17 PM

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