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Friday, June 27

Shattered Dreams: Part 6 – Dream Master

With a great sigh Nubuto rose from his bed, stepping forward. "Give me the blade.”

“I don’t have it…” said Kham. But then he realized it had been right there all along, hanging from his belt like an old friend.

"It is only a shadow of the original, but a shadow will be enough." Nubuto put out both hands.

The figures of Nubuto’s parents shimmered with rage as they moved between Nubuto and Kham. “No, son! You cannot do this!” his father cried. “Your quest! Your vengeance! You must be avenged!”

Kham struggled to take Fleshripper from its sheath. Sweat broke out on Kham’s forehead as he slowly drew the wicked, jagged edges from the sheath. It did not want to go. He didn’t want it tot go.

Nubuto shook his head. “I am dead. What need have the dead for vengeance?”

“What about us?” his mother shrieked. “Would you kill us as well?”

Nubuto looked at her for a long moment, then turned away. “You, also, are already dead.”

With a concentrated effort, Kham handed Nubuto Fleshripper.

Nubuto raised the blade…and snapped it across his knee as though it were a fragile stick. [MORE]


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