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Saturday, July 19

Chapter 31: Vengeance in Freeport - Introduction

This is an adventure set in the Freeport setting, "Black Sails Over Freeport," written by William Simoni and “Vengeance in Freeport” by Bret Boyd. You can read more about Arcanis at http://www.onaraonline.org. Please note: This adventure contains spoilers!

Our cast of characters includes:

  • Dungeon Master: Michael Tresca (http://michael.tresca.net)
  • Beldin Soulforge (dwarf fighter) played by Joe Lalumia
  • Kham Val’Abebi (val rogue/psychic warrior) played by Jeremy Ortiz (http://www.ninjarobotstudios.com)
  • Nauris Drilian (human rogue/ranger) played by Mike Best
  • Sebastian Arnyal (dark-kin sorcerer) played by George Webster
  • Vlad Martell (human fighter) played by Matt Hammer

I’ve always felt that players get far too comfortable with adventures, just assuming that monsters sit around in dungeons waiting to die. I figure that as PCs get higher level, they should be reminded that they’ve made enemies, and that those enemies have enough resources to hurt their family and friends.

This session reminded our heroes just how vulnerable they really are. It took some doing though; Vengeance in Freeport is more interested in having PCs solve a mystery than putting them in any danger, so I amped things up a bit. And if you see real-world parallels to what’s happening in Freeport (questions of “offshoring” and terrorism), that’s not an accident. What might surprise you is just how the PCs pick sides.

In the midst of all the bombing, politics heat up between orcs and humans. And finally, we find out just what happened when Captain Scarbelly didn’t deliver that staff of defense to Kenzil the Evoker. [MORE]


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