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Sunday, July 13

Cold Visitor: Part 10 – Snowstorm

“Elise?” asked Messer again.

“I’m here,” she replied. “I ran out after that thing attacked me. It’s out here with us.”

“She’s lying!” came Merkin’s voice. The rotund, bearded man stood on the other side of them, a few paces away. “That thing’s not Elise. It’s something else.”

“Aren’t either of you cold?” asked Kham. “You’re not dressed for the weather.”

“Don’t be a fool,” said Merkin. “We’re wizards. We prepared spells to protect us from the elements.”

Messer took a hesitant step towards Elise.

“Wait,” Kham whispered to Messer. He handed the sergeant a vial. “This is a healing potion. Give it to Elise.”

The blowing snow mostly concealed Messer’s face, but Kham could make out his confused expression. “Why?”

Kham whipped out two pistols and fired in each direction. [MORE]


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