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Wednesday, July 16

Cold Visitor: Part 13a – The Ritual

The nine granite monoliths jutted up out of the snow like fingers, stabbing heavenwards in accusation for a past transgression. The obelisks were in a V-shaped formation, with the men lined up nervously in the center.

Ilmarė stood at the front next to Silas. She held the book up in front of him, but refused to let him hold it. The elorii didn’t trust a human, much less a human wizard, to such an important task.

Vlad nodded to Yusik. “Sergeant Yusik. Spread the oil!”

Yusik and his men ran around the perimeter of the obelisks, pouring oil in a circle as they did so.

“Think this’ll work?” asked Beldin.

“It better.” Dril finished loading his rifle. He cocked it and scanned the horizon. [MORE]


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