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Wednesday, July 2

Cold Visitor: Part 2 – Springer Mound

Small, sputtering torches were planted out in a row. They seemed more to mark a path than any real attempt to keep the oppressive snow at bay.

They followed the torch trail to a slight rise. It was the first real geographic feature they had encountered.

The hill was not more than a few score feet tall, but on the otherwise featureless plain it stood out quite a bit. As they walked over the ice towards the hill, it felt pulpy.

Ilmarė wrinkled her nose. “Do you smell that?”

There was the beginning of a sickly smell on the air. Once they reached the hill, the smell was worse.

“Smells like rotting fruit,” said Vlad.

Kham bent over and rested on his knees. “I think I’m going to be sick.” [MORE]


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