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Friday, July 4

Cold Visitor: Part 3b – The Lorehouse

Ilmarė cocked her head. “Someone’s coming.”

The sound of trudging footsteps breaking through the snow reached their ears. Soon, a light accompanied the noise and three heavily clothed figures stepped out from the storm, illuminated by a blue-green torch.

The first figure pulled a thick scarf down from his face, revealing a thick black beard beneath a red nose. “Welcome to Milandir,” he said. “I hope you can cope with boredom.” Kham stepped forward, but the burly man looked past him. “Vlad? Vlad Martell? Is that you?”

Vlad peered around Kham. “Jag? Jag Orgun?”

The two men shook hands warmly. “You’re the last person I expected to see here! I kept telling the men that the Duke would send reinforcements!” Jag searched Vlad’s face for some sign of hope. “You’re not here to rescue us, are you?”

Vlad put up his hands, helpless. “I’m not sure how we got here myself. Are the rest of the Green Griffons with you?”

“Aye,” said Jag. “Although a lot of men have moved on since. A few of us are still with the Griffons: me, Messer, Laskin. We’ve got a new Captain now.”

“I hate to interrupt the family reunion,” said Dril. “But did you say we’re in Milandir?”[MORE]


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