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Sunday, July 6

Cold Visitor: Part 5 – Apprentice’s Room

Kham entered a lavishly decorated room with rugs on the walls and blankets piled high on the beds. There were two desks, two beds, a table, four chairs, and a long table covered in books and glassware. It seemed like a cross between a library, laboratory and domicile. Also near one of the beds there were several piles of books and ledgers all neatly arranged in stacks.

Invisible, Kham crept over to the books. It didn’t take long for him to locate Elise’s journal. It detailed six months of drudgery, brightened over the last two months by…

“Hello, Sergeant Messer!” whispered Kham to himself.

Messer and Elise occasionally rendezvoused in the attic of the wizard storage area.

“I support Silas’ actions,” wrote Elise, “in getting the Hastur Shard.”

Kham slammed the book closed. “Hastur Shard. Great.” [MORE]


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