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Tuesday, July 8

Cold Visitor: Part 6a – Going After Suven

“We’re lucky.” Orgun kneeled in the snow, his blue eyes taking in every inch of the ground before him. “There hasn’t been that much snowfall since Suven disappeared. I can see his tracks. And that of something else.”

“What kind of something else?” asked Vlad.

“The tracks appear to be that of a large creature dragging itself along the ground,” said Orgun. “It uses muscle contractions.”

“Like a worm,” added Dril.

“Yeah,” said Orgun, frowning up at Dril. “Like a worm. The creature was pulling Suven behind it.” He pointed out a series of red spatters in the snow. “Looks like he didn’t give up without a fight.”

“Wait a minute.” Beldin looked over his shoulder and back at the blood spattered trail. “We’re doubling back towards the camp.”

“There!” Ilmarė pointed. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:45 AM

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