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Thursday, July 10

Cold Visitor: Part 7 – Returning to Camp

The camp was sullen and paranoid. Lieutenant Jandis, a nervous-looking soldier with a monocle, addressed the men.

“Since the C-captain’s gone,” stuttered Lieutenant Jandis, “and I’m the ranking officer, I’m assuming command.”

Kham sat down at the table, watching the other soldiers stare at their feet. “What happened?”

“Something came in,” said Sergeant Messer. “Came right through the exterior door.” He pointed at the door that entered the mess hall. “Took the Captain, and Privates Lilit, and Pivar.”

Silas stood next to Jandis, arms crossed. Elise and Merkin stood behind him.

“It’s important we don’t close with the creature, whatever it is,” said Jandis. “I want you to use crossbows only.”

“Are you crazy?” asked Sergeant Laskin.

“What're we supposed to use,” said Sergeant Messer. “Harsh language?” [MORE]


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