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Friday, July 11

Cold Visitor: Part 8 – Dog House

Kham undid the latch and entered the kennel.

The torches had been snuffed; it was pitch black. A tindertwig sizzled to life in Kham’s hand. He threw it to the floor.

The light found a mass of dogs in a wild melee in the corner. Barking mixed with hissing, gurgling, and screeching. Dogs were being hurled about and then charged back into the fray with a vengeance.

The tindertwig illuminated parts of some thing. It was a dog, but not quite. It struggled powerfully.

Jandis poked his head into the blackness. “What's going on, damn it?”

Kham aimed both pistols. “I'm going to shoot.”

“No!” shouted Jandis. “Wait!”

From out of nowhere, a forest of yellow tentacles sprang up out of the dog. The dog slowly rose up on its hind legs, becoming more humanoid. It was wrapped in its own yellow tatters, its vaguely humanoid face glaring at him, its tentacles undulating in a wind that wasn’t there. It extended a tendril. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:46 AM

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