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Saturday, July 12

Cold Visitor: Part 9 – Breakdown

“You know something about the creature under the ice, don’t you,” said Dril menacingly.

“If you mean to imply that I am somehow not to be trusted,” said Silas, “perhaps I should ask you the same question. Perhaps you didn’t actually defeat the creature after all. Perhaps it’s one of you.”

Sergeants Calder and Yussik lined up behind Silas. Some of the soldiers did likewise.

“The dogs were our only chance of detecting the thing,” said Silas. “It’s convenient that our only means of uncovering the enemy have been eliminated.”

There was a quiet click as Kham raised his pistol and pointed it at Silas’ forehead. “Why don’t you back down Silas.”

Silas had a wand out in a flash. He pointed it at Kham’s forehead. “Why don’t you put away your pistol, Altharian.”

“Now everyone calm down,” said Vlad. “We don’t want to do anything hasty.” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 12:01 AM

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