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Friday, July 18

Hellboy Takes to the Web with NBC Universal

In a first of its kind, Universal Pictures' Hellboy teamed up with talent from across NBC Universal in a multi-channel on-air and online viral campaign to raise awareness and broaden the potential audience for this blockbuster summer release.

Hellboy can be seen in humorous spots satirizing The More You Know PSAs, with the team of SCI FI Channel's Ghost Hunters, NBC's American Gladiators and as a part of USA's Characters Welcome campaign. The most successful online clips have been Hellboy's interviews with Bravo's Inside the Actors' Studio host James Lipton, which brought in well over 200K views and playing video games with NBC's Chuck, which was seen by over 100K. This is significantly stronger traffic than a traditional: 10 or: 20 second movie clip would bring in online.

Video Spots with JAMES LIPTON and HELLBOY:

Chuck and Hellboy

Ghost Hunters and Hellboy

Gladiators and Hellboy

Mun2 and Hellboy

Hellboy Message--"PSA"


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