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Saturday, July 19

Nemo Solus Sapit: Conclusion

Guppy looked out over the valley. There was nothing left. “I never saved Hector,” he said.

“Hector?” asked Hammer.

Guppy nodded. “I went under deep cover. To save an orderly who worked there. He was the one who inducted me into Majestic-12.”

Hammer frowned. “I have your cistron.” He tossed it to Guppy. “I don’t think you were there to rescue Hector.”

The screen flashed “DISAVOWED.”

“I don’t understand…” Guppy’s voice trailed off. Had he imagined it? Was he really insane? Or had Majestic-12 just abandoned him?

Guppy scanned his fingerprint. The message disappeared as if nothing had ever happened.

Jim-Bean was silent the whole time.

“You okay?” asked Hammer.

He gazed at his companions with a dazed expression. Jim-Bean looked over his shoulder at the valley below. “I don’t think…I don’t think I’ll ever be okay again.” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 8:02 AM

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