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Friday, July 11

Nemo Solus Sapit: Part 10 – The Encounter

An odd noise cut through Guppy’s feverish dreams. He sat up with a start.

Guppy strained to listen, but he heard only silence. Then the bedsprings creaked behind him.

He whipped around and started to scream as a big hand covered his mouth. It was Damon Newcomb.

“Hullo, Hanky.”

Damon shoved Guppy against the mattress and pressed his full weight against him.

Guppy flailed desperately, but Damon pinned him. He uncapped a syringe with his teeth and brought the plunger to Guppy’s throat.

“He didn’t want to do it this way. Thought you were an interesting case!”

The bedsprings trained violently. Damon straddled Guppy, squeezing the plunger to his throat.

“Azathoth doesn’t care if you’re interesting. I know you’re a spy.”

Damon brought the syringe towards Guppy when suddenly there was a loud clanging at the door, nearly shaking it off its hinges.

Damon looked up, confused. Nobody was there.

The split-second distraction was all Guppy needed to shove Damon off the bed. The syringe went flying.

They both stared at it, reaching the same conclusion.

Guppy dove first, grabbing it with both hands. He spun on his back and pointed the needle upwards just as Damon landed on him. The impact pumped the syringe’s contents into Damon’s chest.

For a second nothing happened. Damon’s pupils became pinpricks. Then he slid off of Guppy.

The door burst open and orderlies rush in.

“Thanks, Candice,” whispered Guppy. [MORE]


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