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Tuesday, July 15

Nemo Solus Sapit: Part 14 – Willow’s Creek

When Hammer pulled on the latch, it opened with a rusty creak. There was a stepladder leading down.

Jim-bean emerged from the ladder. As he illuminated the room with his flashlight, rats scurried for cover. Something metallic caught the flashlight’s reflection way in back.

Jim-Bean took a few more steps until his foot hit a bulk on the floor. In the dim half-light, he could make out a backpack.

Hammer rifled through its contents. The backpack contained t-shirts, underwear, an iPod, and a wallet. The billfold contained an ID.

“According to the ID, this belongs to a Malvin Kuhn.”

Up ahead, Jim-Bean could make out the metallic thing that reflected light before. It was a hook in the ceiling. And suspended from it were several heavy chains, like a meat rack. There were household tools strewn about; wire cutters, pliers -- a pool of dried blood. [MORE]


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