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Thursday, July 17

Nemo Solus Sapit: Part 16 – Simon’s Plan

“Nobody move or I kill the good doctor.” He flashed a wicked grin at Jim-Bean. “Hello, Jim, old bean. Good to see you again. The grownups are talking now. Children aren’t allowed in. Tell them, Doc. Do it.”

Candice cleared her throat. “It's alright. I can -- I'm just going to –“

“That’s not what I said, Doc. I said the grownups are talking now,” said Damon. “Don't paraphrase me.”

“The grownups are -- are talking now. Just leave,” said Candice.

“Do you know what you did to us?” sputtered Damon. “It was fine, in here, until you had to shove that thing in Damon’s eye!” Damon rapped a knuckle on his head. “But it doesn’t matter now. None of it matters. Because I found my cane. We found it. We didn’t even know what it could do. But now Xada-Hgla is coming in his pure form.” He laughed. “Tell them! Tell them about Candice! And Mal! Your new therapy really does work! You are I, I am you, we are us. Nobody’s alone anymore, not even in death. Now SAY THE WORDS.”

Candice swallowed hard.



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