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Friday, July 4

Nemo Solus Sapit: Part 3 – The Tapes

A solemn guard placed the safety deposit box on the table in the middle of the room. He stepped back through the gate and waited.

“Great, it requires a code,” said Hammer.

Jim-Bean said the numbers out loud as he punched them in. “October twenty second, two thousand and one.”

He sorted through some paperwork that meant nothing until his hands felt a thick envelope. Jim-Bean opened it and spilled the contents on the table. Audio tapes.

The deposit box contained audio transcripts of Van Dyson’s dialogue with Newcomb. The return address listed Dyson’s home address.

“According to these records,” said Hammer, reading from a sheet, “Damon Newcomb had multiple personalities: Billy, The Princess, and…Simon.”

Jim-Bean slapped the dashboard. “I knew it!”

“Looks like Damon was dressed as a little girl until he was eight,” said Hammer. “His mother called him Mary.”

They listened to the tapes as they drove back down to Van Dyson’s home in Samson. [MORE]


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