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Sunday, July 6

Nemo Solus Sapit: Part 6 – The Showers

Looking down at the water dripping into the drain, Guppy caught sight of a hole in the tile where a busted water pipe poked out. Clearly at some point there was a handle there, but now it was just a hole with a busted pipe.

As he looked closer, a perfectly formed globule of blood emerged from the pipe, following by a gurgling sound that seemed to come from deep in the bowels of the plumbing system.

The blood lingered tentatively, as if unfamiliar with the laws of gravity, before tracing an upward line along the tile.

The gurgling grew louder, closer, and then more blood flowed from the hole and spread up the wall.

Guppy looked away, disturbed. There was no one else in the showers.

When he looked down again, the blood streaming from the pipe had formed five letters written in blood. N-O-T-A-L.

Shaking, nauseous, Guppy focused on his feet and the drain, too scared to look back up.

Blood dripped by his ankle. Suddenly, a shooting pain laced his arm.

“What the hell…?” asked Guppy.

Sharp slashes appeared on Guppy’s skin, like some invisible knife was slicing his arm. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 9:39 PM

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