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Thursday, July 10

Nemo Solus Sapit: Part 9 – The Third Audio Tape

“Hello, doc,” said Damon in a strange, deep voice.

“Simon? Do you know who I am?” asked Van Dyson.

“Billy told me a lot about you,” said Simon. “Billy is a…smart boy.”

“What happened on Christmas night in Samson?”

“Use your…imagination.”

“I'd rather you tell me, Simon.”

“Peter was…naughty,” said Simon.

“What did Peter do?”

“He shouldn't have done it.”

“Tell me, Simon,” prodded Van Dyson.

“He scared Damon. He crept up behind him in the dark. And he scared him. Damon fell down. He fell on his toy. It cut him up. It cut him up real bad.”

The voice turned mocking. “Damon needed someone to help him. So I…introduced myself.” He chuckled. [MORE]


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