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Thursday, July 31

Operation Countdown: Part 2 – Heat of the Night

“Caprice?” gasped Archive. “I…I made it out. But Hammer…I think he’s dead.”

Caprice couldn’t make out any forms in the shadows cast by the burning Humvee, but he was sure Archive was in there.

Caprice point the Stinger at the truck, sight over the sight assembly, and then looked through the peep sight. He positioned the target image in the center of the range ring. The IFF responded with many beeps, signaling that his target wasn’t a friendly.

The terrorists tossed more weapons into the truck.

Caprice placed his left foot towards the truck and leaned slightly forward.

“He’s alive” said Archive. “I…he’s barely breathing but I was able to bring him back. We’re in bad shape. Uh oh…”

Caprice pressed the actuator device forward, outward, and down with his right thumb until he heard a click, activating the BCU. Then he released the safety and actuator device. The Stinger was warming up. The gyro spun to life.

“Uh oh?” whispered Caprice.

The beeping changed pitch, indicating the Stinger had acquired the target.

“The bikers are coming back around...”

“Just one more second…” Caprice had to get them all at once, when they were gathered around a pile of munitions. But it was all in the timing. [MORE]


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