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Monday, July 21

Vengeance in Freeport: Part 1 – Maps and Legends

The Milandisian known as Vlad Martell craned his neck to look out the doorway of Egil’s office. “Do you think they have anything useful on the sextant?”

“This is the Temple of Althares.” Kham, dressed in a new blue overcoat and wearing green lenses, sat in front of Egil’s desk, tapping his foot. “If anyone knows anything about the sextant, it’s the Brothers of Althares.”

Dril paced behind Kham. “We’re wasting time.” He was dressed in a plain brown cloak, with the hood pushed back to reveal his dusky features. “The Cult of Leviathan is much more nimble than the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign.”

“Please,” Kham rubbed his forehead, “don’t bring them up again.” [MORE]


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