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Tuesday, July 22

Vengeance in Freeport: Part 2 – The Orc Who Would Be King

“Are you sure we can trust Elijah Quelch?”

Quelch had directed them to the Temple of Cadic. It was easily spotted several blocks away, with a peak crafted to look like a crow’s nest that rose high above the surrounding buildings. A huge Jolly Roger was fixed to a wrought-iron spike at its peak.

Kham shrugged at Dril’s question. “Falthar hates the guy, but Quelch is the most knowledgeable of that kind. Trust me, if there was anyone else Falthar could have recommended, he would have. If he directed us here, I believe him.”

“Kham’s got a lot of friends in Freeport,” said Vlad.

The outlines of the building became visible—a cylinder of roughly hewn stone gone green and white with lichen. As they walked across the wooden dock that led to the door, the temple’s doors opened and a crowd trampled across the dock.

“Hey, manflesh!” shouted a guttural voice. “Wake up! No seaweed god will protect you from t' Bloody Vengeance!”

“And a lot of enemies,” added Sebastian. [MORE]


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