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Wednesday, July 23

Vengeance in Freeport: Part 3a - The Temple of Cadic

The room was as cold as night in the northern seas. Friezes and mosaics covered the walls—scenes of plundered ships aflame, treasure being buried on tropical beaches, cold justice meted out to the disgraced or the betrayed.

“Well, this is different,” said Dril.

From above there was a cold, rusty creak. Beldin looked up

The whole ceiling was lined with nets, ropes and chains, like the mast of a sailing ship. On the ground, pews dominated the room; about thirty feet before the end, there was a raised platform decorated with nautical paraphernalia—a captain’s wheel, a walking plank. Above them all hung the focus of the room: a golden skull and crossbones superimposed over two crossed swords. Fires smoldered in the empty sockets.

“Cadic’s a…different kind of god,” said Kham with a smirk. [MORE]


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