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Thursday, July 31

Vengeance in Freeport: Part 7a – Home of Kenzil the Evoker

The home of Kenzil was a one-story structure that sat just north of the Cluster in Drac’s End.

“Kenzil was a powerful evoker.” Sebastian led them at a brisk pace toward Kenzil’s abode. “He decided to retire from adventuring and make his home in Freeport near the Cluster.”

“All you wizards know each other?” asked Vlad.

Sebastian shook his head. “I was born with my talents. Kenzil learned his. In fact, he taught arcana and basic sciences at the Freeport Institute for many years. Here we are.”

Kham walked up to the door. He reached for the lock and then pushed hesitantly on the door. “It’s open.”

There was a chorus of blades being unsheathed as they all drew their weapons. Kham stepped inside. [MORE]


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