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Sunday, July 20

Vengeance in Freeport: Prologue

A lone elorii stood at the edge of a cliff, peering down at the boiling ocean that glistened in the light of the rising sun. Osalian was displeased.

But it was not Osalian’s choice to make. Ilmarė held the painstakingly crafted brooch up to the sunlight. It was engraved with the sign of Belisarda, vaguely reminiscent of a weeping willow tree with a hovering dot at its apex.

She looked at the acorn-like mark on the back of her hand. Cael Greybeard, the Ardakene elorii, had taught her much about working with humans, defending them, even loving them. She was here to continue his legacy.

The sign needed to be charged. But was Belisarda listening? Did she even care?

Ilmarė was about to find out. Like a child throwing a tantrum, she began the Unspeakable Oath. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 4:10 PM

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