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Sunday, July 27

Wolves and Sheep: Conclusion

Jim-Bean returned to the other car to find one of the Goravich brothers dead, a smashed window behind him. Hammer was favoring one leg, staring over Guppy’s shoulder.

Guppy was at the terminal where Medroff sat, typing furiously.

“Can you stop it?” asked Jim-Bean.

“I’m…TRYING,” his fingers danced across the keyboard. “It’s like she’s not…LISTENING to me!”

A red diagram popped up of SINNER’s route on the screen. It was a complex series of stops across the Internet, almost like train tracks.

“What is going on?” asked Hammer.

“She’s plotting out a path,” Guppy said through gritted teeth.

“Out of the way,” said Jim-Bean. He pointed his machinegun at the computer. “We’ll do this the old fashioned way—“

Guppy put himself between Jim-Bean’s barrel and the computer. “No, wait!”

All three of their cistrons beeped as time ran out. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 9:47 AM

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