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Tuesday, July 22

Wolves and Sheep: Part 1 – First Class

The rail cars were basically long passages with cabin doors on either side. There was hardly anyone in first class, but Hammer kept his pistols holstered.

“Good thing there’s nobody staying in the back cars,” said Jim-Bean, dusting himself off. “Or they might have heard that.”

“Which,” asked Hammer, “the car exploding or you swearing when you almost fell off the train?”

Jim-Bean glowered at Hammer. “Both.”

“Do we know who this guy is?” asked Hammer as he made his way down the corridor.

Guppy shook his head. “Only that he has SINNER and he’s going to release her to the Internet if we don’t meet his demands.”

“Excuse me?” asked Jim-Bean. “Her?”

“Synthetic Intelligence Network and Reference,” said Guppy. “SINNER identifies herself as female. She’s the successor to the ABLE DANGER program, using data mining techniques to associate open source information with classified information in an attempt to make associations between individual members of terrorist groups. She also runs all of Blacknet.”

“And we lost her?” asked Jim-Bean in disbelief. “How do you lose a program?” [MORE]


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