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Wednesday, July 23

Wolves and Sheep: Part 2 – Generic Coaches

This entered an especially long coach. The passengers sat on benches opposite one another, like on a subway.

Nothing much was happening; the passengers just sat and stared at one another with that slightly embarrassed way people do on trains. The conductor, whose nametag labeled him as Albert, meandered from passenger to passenger, checking their tickets with a spectacular lack of enthusiasm.

Jim-Bean didn’t bother to put away his SIG. “Excuse me, which way to the baggage car?”

Albert had to be in his seventies. “Baggage car…?” he trailed off, ending each sentence with a vague question. “I suppose that’d be…” he pointed behind him.

“Great, thanks,” said Jim-Bean.

Guppy passed him, his own Beretta out. “Thank you very much!”

Albert shrugged and went back to collecting tickets.

“Seven minutes,” said Guppy as they prepared to enter the next car. “That’s very strange.”

“What?” asked Jim-Bean, trying to look everywhere at once.

“Nobody screamed? No panic?”

Jim-Bean snorted. “Our weapons are silenced. The train is loud. And have you ever been on a train before? It’s like a slow death. Nobody looks at anybody else, including other passengers.” He pushed open the door and for a moment their conversation was cut off by the noise of the train. [MORE]


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