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Friday, July 25

Wolves and Sheep: Part 4 – The Dining Cart

The only table vaguely active was host to a gaggle of school children, fifteen or so, all clustered around a pretty young woman who looked about ready to kill them all.

"Miss, when are we going to eat?" asked one.

"Miss, can't the train go any faster?" asked another.

"Miss, can we see the furnace?" asked a third.

Just past the retired couple, Jim-Bean could see the door that leads to the baggage cart. He pulled off his gas mask and drew his machinegun.

“Wow, are you a secret agent?” asked one of the children.

“Did you fight in Iraq?” asked another.

“Did you kill Sad-sad…Sadman Whose Sane?” asked a third.

“Time?” asked Jim-Bean tersely.

Guppy checked, still dazed from the cold-blooded murder he had just witnessed. “Three minutes twenty seven sec—“

Jim-Bean fired his machinegun at the ceiling. “Everyone OUT OF THE WAY!”

The kids, who had flocked around Jim-Bean, shrieked and ran wailing to their teacher. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 12:28 PM

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