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Saturday, July 26

Wolves and Sheep: Part 5 – The Baggage Cart

“How much time do we have left?” asked Jim-Bean.

Guppy checked his cistron. “Two minutes. Then we’ll be on the other side of the tunnel and Medroff will have a clear signal.”

“We’ve got to stop this train.” With a roar, Jim-Bean charged down the corridor.

He almost made it. A shotgun blast hit him in the back as he passed the Goravich brothers. Jim-Bean crumpled in front of the door.

“Jim!” shouted Hammer. With a snarl, he squeezed off a series of well-placed shots from his Glock. “Jim is down!”

Jim-Bean was laying right next to Medroff. The hacker peered down at him with a sneer. “SAS my ass,” he muttered. Then he went back to typing.

Jim-Bean’s eyes flicked open. He sat up behind Medroff and, smoothly drawing his silenced pistol, shot him in the head. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:08 AM

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