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Wednesday, August 13

The House on McKinley Boulevard - Part 1 – The Trail on the Stairs

BOSTON, MA – It was night. A long strip of road, McKinley Boulevard was once part of an upper-class residential area. Some crumbling manses had been razed or burned down. Others were cut up into apartments or rooming houses. A few, among them 17 McKinley, were more or less sound buildings that for various reasons were abandoned to vagrants, addicts, and runaways. Nearby small factories and sleazy businesses had for some time quietly used the abandoned properties as dumping grounds for refuse, adding to the general atmosphere of neglect and decay.

Archive parked the car at the front of 17 McKinley. Cars sped by recklessly. Vagrants huddled around open fires. Loud arguments occurred in the distance. Bottles were thrown and broke in impotent rage.

“You don’t have to do this you know.”

“I know,” said Hammer. “But someone’s going to have to watch your back.”

“None of the other agents agreed to this mission…”

“That’s because it’s not a mission,” said Hammer. “SINNER assigned it to us.”

“To me, you mean.” Archive looked back at the house, the same house that was in his dreams. “This is where it all started. The Labib Home for Children. An orphanage for raising future cultists of America.”

“This was the same place Richard Jacobs was raised,” said Hammer. “It later became the Allen Foundation under George Allen.”

“Right. That’s why Drake had SINNER dig up this info. If there’s really a cultist conspiracy, we’ll find it here.” [MORE]


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