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Friday, August 15

McKinley Boulevard: Part 3 – The Attic

A haggard-looking woman lounged in the opening to her room. “You boys lookin’ for me?”

Hammer nodded. “We’re trying to get everyone out of the house…”

Diana swayed unsteadily. When Kristian beamed the Maglite on her, they could see that her pupils were pinpricks.

She sauntered up to Hammer. “I’ve always had a thing for cops.” She traced the lapel of his jacket with one chipped fingernail. “What can I do for you officer?”

Hammer swallowed. “Please miss, stay in your room. We’re checking the place out. We’re concerned that this place it’s unsafe.”

Diana snorted. “That’s why we’re here.” She managed a grin. “But it’s comfortable enough. I’ve got a bed in the back…”

“So you’re a junkie.”

“I…” she shrugged. “Sure, whatever.”

“And you turn tricks for drugs.”

Diana’s expression turned from sultry to furious. She turned and slammed the door behind her.

Hammer smirked. “That should keep her in her room for a little while.” [MORE]


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