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Sunday, August 17

McKinley Boulevard: Part 5 – The Lobby

“We need a fire extinguisher, fast,” said Archive. “If those moths come back we need something to—“

“Uh, I think we have bigger problems than moths,” said Kristian.

A creature loped into the lobby, blocking their path to the door. Standing at nearly two feet tall, it had an earth-like appearance as if formed wholly from clay. Its hide has a rubbery, pale texture to it. Sharps white claws, jutting forward like that of a bird, hung in front of the little beast. Its face was a mask of hatred, two bulging milky white eyes, slits for a nose, and a frog-like maw bristling with yellow teeth.

“Go upstairs.” Hammer drew his Glocks, not taking his eyes off the thing. “Stay in your room and put something in front of the door.”

Kristian nodded and ran back up the steps.

Hammer took aim. “Got something in your voodoo bag for this thing?”

Archive shook his head. “No, but—“

BLAM! The bullet struck home, piercing the thing right between the eyes. It collapsed to the ground, melting into a swarm of slithering white worms that disappeared into the wood below.

“—bullets might not have an effect either,” finished Archive. [MORE]


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