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Monday, August 18

McKinley Boulevard: Part 6 – Holes

Hammer landed on something soft. It grunted beneath him.


“Yeah,” groaned Archive.

They were at the bottom of the pit. The opening was easily thirty feet up. A strange wind whistled all around them through numerous two-foot wide holes. The pit narrowed at the bottom, which was where Archive and Hammer were wedged.

“Can you move?”

Archive strained. “I think so.”

Something chattered in the darkness.

Hammer fumbled for his pistols. He swung his head back and forth, catching glimpses of tiny clay bodies, the tilt and waver of their eyes glittering in his headlamp.

“We have to get out of here. NOW.”

Archive started climbing upwards, finding footholds in each of the holes. They struggled past each other.

One of the things scurried out of a nearby hole and sank its teeth into Hammer’s ankle. He screamed and kicked it off.

The chattering became unbearable. “Climb!” shouted Hammer. “Climb!” [MORE]


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