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Thursday, August 21

McKinley Boulevard: Part 9 – Backwards

Smelling of joss sticks, decorated with a beautiful leafy branch, Clara and Gideon’s room was by far the cleanest. Two mattresses were piled as a bed. Indian-print sheets hung from the ceiling. Ethnic rugs warmed the wood floors. A battered record player sat in the corner, with a guitar propped beside it. Numerous candles stuck into wine bottles illuminated the room. Well-thumbed paperback novels rested in stacks. A small camp stove provided warm food.

Clara sat in the center of the room, rocking herself.

“Do you remember if Gideon said anything?” asked Hammer. “Anything about the house?”

She shook her head. “We all heard weird noises sometimes. But we just figured it was rats.”

Archive caught sight of something. “What is this?” He picked up an old vinyl record cover. It was by God’s Lost Children, titled The Secrets of N’Kai.

“We found it in the garbage,” said Clara.

“Did you play it?” asked Archive.

“I don’t understand—“

“Did you PLAY IT?” he repeatedly urgently.

Tears filled Clara’s eyes. “Yes, I think so!”

Archive pulled the record out and put it on the player. He lowered the needle. [MORE]


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