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Tuesday, August 12

McKinley Boulevard: Prologue

Archive climbed the steps to another room, passing strange sigils carved into the walls.

He was in a child’s room. In it was a large white rocket labeled the Thunderbolt. Next to it was a box that reads, “SUR-LAUNCH. Compact launch system. Eliminates fuses. No false starts. Lift off today!”

The crying of a little girl reached his ears. It was coming from downstairs.

Intrigued, Archive clambered back down the steps. The crying was coming from the drawing room, specifically a large chair in one corner.

Archive leaned down to take a look. The sound was actually coming from a doll. The doll bleated pathetically for its mother over and over.

Archived picked it up. The doll’s eyes flicked open.

“He’s awake,” it whispered. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:52 AM

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