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Friday, August 8

Operation Countdown: Part 10 – Crossfire

There was the familiar sound of a shrieking rocket and the truck ahead of them exploded in a ball of flames.

“Ambush!’ shouted Archive. He swerved the truck to the side, momentarily forgetting his wounds.

A second later the truck behind them exploded. Gunfire pierced their truck.

Caprice was ready this time. He lifted a Stinger over one shoulder and propped it on the hood of a truck.

“This is Agent Archive,” he shouted into the cistron. “We are under attack. Requesting air support!”

Hammer sprayed the area with gunfire while Caprice locked and loaded the Stinger.

FWOOSH! The rocket struck a group of the ambushers, scattering them.

“Ha!” shouted Caprice. “Not so tough now are ya?”

Suddenly the hills to either side of them sprung up with terrorists armed with AK-47s and Stingers.

“You had to say that, didn’t you?” Hammer lowered his pistols. There was no point. They were outnumbered. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:27 AM

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