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Saturday, August 9

Operation Countdown: Part 11 – Warehouse Assault

Caprice came up behind the nearest terrorist toting an AK-47 and raised his knife…

Catching sight of Caprice’s attack out of the corner of his eye, the terrorist whirled and lifted his rifle, blocking the blow. Caprice hurled the assault weapon out of the man’s grip.

The terrorist drew his own knife. For a second the two attackers sized each other up. Holding the knife’s handle outwards with the blade flanking his forearm, Caprice blocked the first knife slash. The two opponents blocked and slashed, parrying each other’s knives as deftly as two fencers.

Caprice’s arm darted outwards and slashed the terrorist’s chest. The man groaned in pain.

Gunfire erupted on the other side of the warehouse. They had found Archive and Hammer.

Caprice made a quick stabbing motion and pierced the man’s clothing. The terrorist backed up, then pressed the offensive with a flurry of knife blows.

Caprice slashed the man’s wrist, but he kept coming. The terrorist kicked Caprice backwards. He windmilled and nearly lost his footing, but the terrorist continued his knife assault.

Caprice was forced to hop backwards. They were making their way slowly up a series of stacked crates. He sensed the edge of the crate at his heels.

With no other choice, Caprice grabbed the terrorist’s knife arm just as his assailant grabbed Caprice by the wrist. They struggled on the crate, knives inches away from faces.

The knife quivered near Caprice’s eye. It was so close… [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 10:03 PM

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