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Friday, August 1

Operation Countdown: Part 3 – Old Man River

The guard spotted Archive first. He pointed his Skorpion and was about to shout a warning when Archive displayed his left hand, palm outward. “Ia! Nyarlathotep!” he whispered.

The guard shrieked. He dropped his weapon, forgotten, and dove overboard.

“Great,” said Caprice.

He ducked back down beneath the lip of the second tier as guards jogged over. One of the guards peeked his head over the rim. Caprice fired his pistol in the man’s face.

Gunfire erupted all around them as Hammer, using the distraction, unleashed on the unprepared guards. Chaos ensued as the guards were sandwiched between assailants on both sides.

There was a snap, and all the terrorists heads whipped around to listen. Then they scrambled off the ship to the chorus of more shouts and screaming.

Hammer turned the corner around a crate, only to find himself pointing his Glocks at Caprice.

“What the hell just happened?” asked Hammer.

“I have no idea,” said Caprice. “Archive did something with his hand and the first guy jumped off the boat—“

Archive stepped out from around the corner. “I didn’t think the rune was that powerful.”

“Rune?” asked Hammer in disbelief. “What are you talking about?” He got a closer look at Archive’s open palm. “Is that a swastika?” [MORE]


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