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Saturday, August 2

Operation Countdown: Part 4 – Bat Out of Hell

The team was flown by Blackhawk helicopter to rendezvous with the Iraqi Border Police.

“This is punishment, isn’t it?” asked Caprice to no one in particular.

“Why?” asked Hammer idly. They were guarding the main road into Saudi Arabia. “You mean the part where we sit baking in the desert for days?”

“Yeah.” Caprice sighed. “That part.”

“I want to know why an Iraqi terrorist is afraid of a swastika on your palm,” said Hammer. “What were you doing on that boat, anyway?”

Archive looked uncomfortable. “It was more than just the swastika. I invoked the Crawling Chaos.”

“Nyarla-something, yeah,” said Caprice. “I didn’t realize you were into all that voodoo crap.”

Archive frowned. “It’s complicated.”

“But why a swastika?” asked Hammer. He seemed offended by the notion.

“It was the easiest rune for me to sketch. Believe it or not it’s a Chinese symbol to ward off evil spirits. I was hoping to...” he fumbled with the word, “turn him.”

“He turned and ran, so I guess it worked, huh?” said Caprice. [MORE]


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