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Tuesday, August 5

Operation Countdown: Part 7 – Surveillance Team

A half hour later, Caprice reported in. “There’s an incoming vehicle, driving by at a relatively low rate of speed every half hour.”

“You sure Hotpants?”

“I saw it too,” said Archive. ”I lost the guy I was tailing. But I just saw him again in the back of that car.”

Hammer tried to act casual, watching the entrance to the store. “Lay low,” he said. “That’s a surveillance team. They’re checking to see if it’s a trap.”

The waiting was interminable. Finally, Archive spoke up. “Think they saw us?”

“Don’t think so,” said Caprice. “They just shot off a red flare.”

“What does a red flare mean?” asked Archive.

There was a pause. “Judging by the three motorcycles riding towards us, I don’t think it matters.” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:46 AM

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