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Wednesday, August 6

Operation Countdown: Part 8 – Hit Team

The hit team consisted of six men riding three motorcycles. The first two carried a driver and a gunner armed with an AK-47.

Hammer and Archive flanked the motorcycles as they approached. Archive tossed a tear gas grenade at the first driver as Hammer fired both Glocks at the second driver.

People screamed and dove to the side as all hell broke loose. The AK-47s fired aimlessly into the smoke and dust. One of the motorcycles fell over. The other motorcyclist was incapacitated from Archive’s grenade.

“Hotpants!” shouted Hammer. “The third one’s got a Stinger!”

“Where?” shouted Caprice, scanning through the sight of his sniper rifle. “I don’t see it!”

The two motorcycles in the front were a screen for the two man team with a Stinger. The second man lifted the Stinger to his shoulder…


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:14 AM

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