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Thursday, August 7

Operation Countdown: Part 9 – Roadside

The captured terrorist was dropped off at an abandoned warehouse. Hammer was snapping on his gloves when they got a call to defuse an IED. An alert patrol of U.S. Marines had spotted an abandoned car on the side of the road.

“Why us?” asked Archive.

“Sprague didn’t say,” said Hammer. He was aggravated about missing the opportunity to interrogate a terrorist.

“It’s not like we have expertise in defusing bombs…” began Archive.

Caprice cleared his throat. “Actually, I do.” He grabbed a pair of binoculars from Archive. “Looks like it’s on the front seat. The device is composed of a cell phone, which acts as the detonator.”

“Detonator for what?” asked Archive.

“Take your pick,” said Caprice. “It’s connected to a satchel filled with explosives. The back seat of the car is filled with metal gas cans and bags of nails.” He stood up from behind the concrete barricade. “I’m going in.”

“Are you serious?” Archive looked at Caprice in disbelief.

“I don’t see anyone else around here who knows how to do this,” said Caprice.

Hammer nodded. “Hotpants is right. My area of expertise was back at the warehouse.”

Caprice donned bomb-defusing gear and crept his way towards the abandoned car. Archive shook his head at the thought of disarming a bomb and went back to scanning the road with his binoculars.

Caprice reached the car and set to work disabling the cell phone.

“It should be a simple matter of disabling the cell phone—“ began Caprice over his mic.

“Uh oh,” said Archive.

“Uh oh?” asked Caprice. “This is really not a time when I want to hear those words.” [MORE]


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