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Thursday, August 28

Part 1b – Ambush

Jagged rock after jagged rock, the two agents slowly climbed towards the summit where they saw the flash.

The path opened up between two big stones reaching an intermediate zone before the top—a type of natural labyrinth formed in the rocks by years of erosion.

A swift shadowed flickered behind them.

Hammer and Jim-Bean drew their pistols. Hammer gestured for Jim-Bean to circle around. Then he slowly crept towards the rocky outcropping where the shadow had stopped moving.

Hammer turned, both hands on one pistol. “Don’t move!”

He discovered a scrawny young man wearing a long, dirty trench coat, an old hat, and dark glasses. A filthy scarf covered his face.

“What are you doing here?” demanded Hammer.

The man just rocked in place, whispering to himself.

“Hello? Do you understand me?”

He kept rocking. Hammer exchanged glances with Jim-Bean, who had his pistol aimed at him from behind.

“What are you…” began Hammer. He leaned closer to listen.

“The hills…the hills are watching…the hills are watching…the hills are watching…” [MORE]


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