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Sunday, August 24

The Seventh Sin: Part 2 – The Indecipherable Scroll

“Well, well, well, look what we 'ave 'ere!”

Price’s voice rang out from the Freeport fog. He shined his bull’s-eye lantern at Vlad’s face. “Blimey! Look who i' is! Fancy bumpin' in'er yew on a night like dis. What yew all up to?”

Vlad felt Airlee’s grip on his arm tighten. He squeezed her hand back.

“Good to see you, Price. We’re just taking a walk to dinner at The Last Resort.”

“Is that so?” Four of the Sea Lord’s Guard accompanied Price. “Too bad abaaaht that place, what wiv da bombings an' all. They could use da business.”

“Aye,” said Vlad.

Price peered over Vlad’s shoulder. “Hello Sebastian. Thanks ter you, I got me a promoshun. I am sergean' now. You can stop a bomb at da Caaahrts any time!”

Sebastian smiled painfully. Price could be dreadfully crass.

Price shined his lantern back at Vlad. “If yew see da bi' ov elf fluff, let 'er know I'm movin' up in da world, right?”

“I will,” said Vlad. “Well, we should be off.”

“Ov caaahrse, ov caaahrse,” said Price. “See yew later then.”

They began to walk slowly, carefully away from the guardsmen.

“Hold it!” shouted Price. [MORE]


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