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Wednesday, August 27

The Seventh Sin: Part 4 – The Emissary

Sebastian made his way over to him. He grabbed the man by his singed robes. “Who are you? Where is Ilmarė?”

“Finally,” said the Ymandrake. “Just as I had hoped. I should thank you for the privilege. Now let me return the favor.”

Vlad shook off the enchantment and joined Sebastian. “I recognize you. You’re the Commandant!”

The Commandant’s body began to convulse. “That disease you left on Ymandragore…it’s quite virulent.” He began coughing uncontrollably.

Beldin dusted himself off as he approached. “I don’t like this.”

“It seems that when I had returned to pray at the altar, something was ravaging all of Ymandragore. When I discovered who it was that had deposited that particular disease…well let’s just say the Sorcerer-King sent me to deliver a message.”

“Message?” asked Sebastian. “What message?”

“We were unable to find a cure,” said the Commandant. “So we’re letting the disease run its course…by sending every infected sorcerer to your doorstep.”

Vlad grabbed Sebastian and Beldin by the shoulders and shoved them towards the entrance. “Run!” [MORE]


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