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Friday, August 29

The Seventh Sin: Part 6 – The Riddle of Fire

They followed the corridor into a living room. A man had his back to them. He was pouring himself a generous straight whiskey.

“Ah yes, you’ve come about the obituary then? Please, have a seat.”

Vlad and Sebastian looked at each other. Sebastian shrugged and sat down.

“I assume you found me through my statement about Quelch. I hope you haven’t come to talk about that shopkeeper. I put down all I needed to say in those few words in the rag.”

He was a large elorii with a shaved head, heavy features, and black eyes.

“Yes, I read your obituary about Elijah Quelch” said Sebastian. “You must be Perdubo. If I remember my High Coryani correctly, it means: I will last through. You’re Talathiel of the Golden Pillar Society.”

Talathiel inclined his head slightly. “Indeed.”

“Now it all makes sense.” Sebastian’s mind was going a mile a minute. “You mentioned a Montague Edwards in the obituary…”

“Ah yes, I know Edwards,” said Talathiel. “I myself am a Laird, you know. Edwards claims to be a Laird himself, of Libertyville no less, but I don’t believe it. I knew Edwards from the Golden Pillar Society, where he called himself Vox Mutatis. An ambitious man. Nasty, I’d say. Or perhaps that’s the same thing. Anyway, gives black magic a bad name.” Talaiel gives a pained little smile. “I did receive a letter from him once. It was only when I got a little famous that he sought me out, trying to impress me with his title. Do you think he was going to offer me a job? Maybe I should have replied.”

Beldin stood up. “I’m getting tired of this.” The dwarf pulled his axe from his belt. “Tell us where Ilmarė is or I will chop you in half.”

“Excuse me?” [MORE]


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