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Saturday, August 30

The Seventh Sin: Part 7 – Den of Debauchery

“Larissa!” shouted Talathiel.

The door cooled and shrank slightly. Vlad threw Talathiel on the ground. “Stay there.”

Beldin kicked the door open.

Several figures jumped up in shock at their sudden entrance, caught in the midst of the Sacraments of Larissa. Several of the figures wore theatrical golden masks that hid their features, and clothing designed to reveal more than it concealed.

The inhabitants' attention appeared to be focused on one particular couple: a striking woman with long dark red hair and a lithe body, and her partner, an immensely tall, well-muscled man with a topknot, whose skin is covered in strange tattoos. The man remained masked, and held the only obvious weapon in the room – a whip.

He takes a step back as, but the woman walked towards Vlad, seeming to grow more sensuous as she regained her composure. She wore the holy symbol of Larissa – a golden coin suspended from a fine silver chain – and very little else.

“Welcome to the Golden Pillar Society,” said the woman. “Would you like to join our exclusive club dedicated to pleasure? The cost is but five gold doubloons a night.” She looked Vlad up and down. “I’m willing to waive the fee for you though, handsome.”

Vlad swallowed hard. [MORE]


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